Donate to help others who cannot afford mental health care on their own.

Not everyone can afford mental health care…

Not all insurance covers mental health care despite the previlance of mental health issues in today’s America. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, all in different degrees have exploded out of the COVID pandemic, not directly due to the disease but out of the repercussions and loss from the disease. Worse, there are fewer and fewer resources to address this crisis. Colorado has even implemented a program to pay for six telephonic appointments for kids, but this is a drop in a very deep bucket compared to the need. That is why Rohi Therapy Cortez is matching this with six free visits to Free Clinic Friday. Still, there are some who will need help beyond six sessions.

Beyond Six Sessions

Talk therapy, having someone to listen to a problem and give another perspective or mental exercises to calm the emotions, can help, but it also depends on how deep the wound is and can go on longer than six sessions. In such a case, just as per Colorado’s program, we would look into other options such as finding a sponsor for that person or seeing if another opening is available in another clinic. The latter suggestion, however, can also add to the trauma. We try not to do that if possible. If you can assist with a directed or random sponsorship towards talk therapy, we can continue while still keeping the lights on. Service like this is a hard balance.

EMDR and Other Specialty Services

Sometimes a person’s troubles can be so entrenched that more specialized services are necessary to speed recovery. While people on even Medicaid can seek psychopharmacology from doctors, most will not out of embarassment or due to past ┬ábad reactions to such medication. This is where Rohi Therapy’s therapists might suggest turning to EMDR, neurofeedback, or other specialty services depending on their individual expertise. While they might donate their own time, such work still takes up office time and, in some cases, disposible materials, making such services more expensive to do than talk therapy. Any help with this could go beyond just helping people to possibly saving a life.

The Plea

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a client or donating to Rohi Therapy as a whole so that we can continue offering free service to those in need beyond the first six Free Clinic Friday sessions. Our clients thank you and we thank you.

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