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DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:  Traumatic events often end up as stuck and unprocessed memories during REM sleep. Hypnotherapy is used to attempt to access these unprocessed memories, often things that are only half-consciously remembered, in order to find a way to either heal the memory or to add a temporary, more healthy release for the conscious emotional response it is creating.


Neurofeedback is an exciting field of therapy that focuses on optimizing your brain’s functioning. As a client, you have the incredible opportunity to exercise and train your brain towards healthier brain wave patterns. Through close monitoring by a sophisticated computer system, you’ll receive personalized incentives that help you achieve your goals.

These incentives take the form of engaging video games and captivating movies, providing a stimulating and challenging workout for your brain. The result? Tangible and highly impactful outcomes that enhance your neurological well-being.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) or Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) is a transformative therapy that sheds light on unprocessed traumas and experiences. Drawing inspiration from REM sleep, EMDR allows for conscious processing and healing from these unresolved issues. Our highly skilled EMDR therapists provide personalized guidance and support, both in person and online, empowering you on your journey to emotional well-being.

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

When dealing with other methods of psychotherapy, the first step must always be to seek counseling first to be sure you need the extra methods. Some methods, from psychopharmacology to neurofeedback, can be used to alleviate symptoms while counseling continues to seek out the cause. Others can be helpful in finding the cause but must be used with caution so that the cause is not masked behind misinterpretation or relativity of meaning. If you think another method might help, ask your counselor about it first.

How do your services compare with others?

Our associates try to keep up with the latest  research and training in what they do to give our clients the best service they can. Sometimes this can mean skipping certifications in favor of paying more for extra training, but certifications are kept in mind while training.

How are your prices compared with others?

While we allow our associates to price for themselves, they tend towards trying their best to make services available to as many people as possible. This can mean keeping services equal to the average Colorado fee for similar services, however we have found that many are given a quote that is less than the average so that they can afford to see us.

Are you licensed/certified/insured?

Insurance is a requirement in our profession and each associate is required to carry their own. Certifications are sought after; contact the individual associate for more information on certifications in their areas of expertise. Licensing in the state of Colorado requires a great deal of client hours in a single year to achieve and not everyone gets enough client hours to achieve it, therefore we are less concerned than some companies about licensing as we are about insurance, certifications, and, most importantly, the heart to do good for our clients’ well being.

Does your service require we are Christian?

Absolutely not. While we are a Christian company, we do not discriminate based on religion. Monte, the founder of the parent company, Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc. (501c3), looks forward to time with other cultures and religions having grown in a Filipino-Japanese-American home with both Buddhist and Episcopalian upbringing and made friends around the world.

What are your views on...?

Politics and hysteria aside, everyone has a view on everything. That does not change how we look at the need for psychotherapy in the communities we serve beyond what is illegal. We will not, for example, advocate in favor of illegal drug use or in favor of a client participating in a fight club. We will advocate for the best and fullest mental health of our clients.

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