Standard Psychotherapy

Counseling, standard psychotherapy, comes in many forms. Historically, people think of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalytic approaches, looking at one’s past as the cause of problems in the present. An increasing number of counselors are flocking towards the cognitive and behavioral approachs, teaching clients exercises to reduce mental health symptoms. We at Rohi Therapy allow our associates to do counseling as they will, not adhearing to any one approach as being appropriate. That is between you and your counselor. Be sure to get to know your counselor before contracting services with him or her. The first consultation is free. Take advantage of it.

“Meanings are not determined by situations. We determine ourselves by the meanings we ascribe to situations. ” – Alfred Adler

Frequently Asked Questions

Is psychotherapy confidential?

The letter of the law is that all therapy must be held in confidentiality unless it directly involves the safety of the client or others. In other words, we are mandated to report possible suicidal, homocidal, or abuse ideation to the authorities, but information about your therapy otherwise protected under HIPAA just like any other medical facility.

Can psychotherapy be harmful?

That is a complicated question to which there is no easy answer. Some appropriately address the risk as “opening old wounds.” There is truth in that phrase. There is also truth in a badly healing wound sometimes needing opened back up just to heal right. Maybe a better question is can psychotherapy be painful? It can be. But so can any healing.

How much does psychotherapy cost?

While Rohi Therapy allows the associates to do their own rates, typical psychotherapy in Colorado runs from $35 to $75 per one hour appointment on average depending on experience and licensure. This is also typically less than more specialized services. Our associates try to keep it as affordable as possible so that anyone seeking help can find it.

Do you take insurance?

Some insurance companies do pay for psychotherapy. Rohi Therapy, however, only contracts associates and takes donations from their work, it does not take payments for the associates. You will need to ask each associate about how they take payments.

Can you take pro bono clients?

Rohi Therapy is a dba of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Inc. (501c3), however due to the limited number of currently paying clients and limited donations, we cannot currently afford to ask for our associates to take on pro bono clients. You must work that out with your counselor.

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