About Monte

Monte Pescador, MAC, MDiv
Certified Hypnotherapist

God first. Family second. Self last.

It has been my experience that putting myself first in anything I do only asks for trouble, as does putting God second to anything else. So, I put God first and myself last in my life. That makes my clients like family, second only to God.

My Background

  • Master of Arts in Counseling, Colorado Christian University, 2011.
  • Master of Divinity, Grand Canyon University, 2018.
  • Doctoral Student, Organizational Leadership with emphasis on Christian Ministry, Grand Canyon University.
  • Member of Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals.
  • Member of American Association of Christian Counselors.
  • Registered Unlicensed Psychotherapist in Colorado.
  • In training for certifications in:
    • Life Coaching
    • EMDR (Basic)
    • Marriage and Family Therapy
    • Recertification in Hypnotherapy

My Approach & Philosophy

Aside from my faith in God, the lens which I look at humanity with is one of logic, that it is too often the case that people feel most traumatized by things that feel “out of control” because of a belief that things should always be “in control.” Logically, this makes no sense since, at best, one can only be “in control” of one’s self and nobody else. That is why the “story” of one’s life can become muddled and misunderstood, traumatized and frozen in negative thoughts.

As a counselor, my ministry is to resolve stories that have turned into dark tales, even nightmares, from which a client cannot find a clear way out into stories of hope and light.

As a coach, my ministry is to come along side clients as their stories continue to unfold into something more, something greater.

The tools of the trade, hypnotherapy, EMDR etc., are only used when I am asked for them. Every tool has a place in therapy and coaching, but the client is the author of his or her story, not me. I bring with me a stronger pen, better ink, the right paper. You are the author of your own destiny. Let us continue the journey together.

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