Change is Good

by Monte Y. Pescador

Sometimes change is needed...

After moving to Cortez, I found myself at a crossroads. Be leaving Denver, I was able to keep a client as a Zoom client, but otherwise had to start over in the counseling profession or find something else. I ended up going into teaching. While teaching, however, I got started in certifications for three things.

This Summer, I will be adding Life Coaching to my offerings. This is what I think of as the “other side” of counseling. In counseling, we often look to the past or at least recent past to explain and help people through present behavior and thinking issues. In life coaching, however, we look to the plan for the future and how it fits, if it fits, with the present, examining what might need changing in order for a plan to work. Often, change requires an “accountability partner,” someone to come alongside and keep you going when the going gets rough. I hope that this addition will not only be helpful to others, but that in doing so in a Christian way, I will be able to mentor others in Christ-like fashion.

Also coming this Summer is EMDR training. EMDR is a technique used by counselors to help clients find the ties between the logical thoughts about an event and the feelings from that event. Sometimes it is tough to cope with just the emotions, for example, of grief. Other times, it is harder to cope with the thoughts that plague a person’s grieving. This helps bridge that gap for a more approachable healing.

Finally, I am adding Marriage and Family certification. In actuality, marriage and family counseling is a matter of only two added classes to a counseling Master’s degree and there are very few colleges that offer it as an addition to someone who already has a counseling degree. This will be more all-encompassing, courses through the American Association of Christian Counselors that will provide a better background in the subject I would not be able to gain through two more college courses.

I hope this update finds you well and look forward to assisting you in your future endeavors.

God bless.


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